Monday, March 9, 2009


Once I started blogging, I find it's hard to stop! Even on days like today, when I have nothing of great interest to report, I just feel the need to say something. But, I'm trying very hard to keep the blog on topic, i.e. Afton Station and Route 66, so as not to bore anyone. Maybe I'll just post a photo. I did find one photo in my camera that is remotely on topic.... but not very. Well, I'm going to post it anyway, since it seems I just can't shut up! :-)This is the bookcase in my office. With the exception of a half dozen books on the bottom right hand shelf (including my autographed copy of Obama's The Audacity of Hope), every single book is road-related. The top two right hand shelves are all Route 66. On the left side, I have a shelves of motel books, diner books, petrobilia, and auto books.

All books that aren't roadside related are in other bookcases in the house and in about 20-30 boxes in the basement. And now I'm getting a Kindle (I wish it would hurry up and arrive!), so I won't have to worry about where to put books in the future.


Beth said...

Hmm, looks verrrrry familiar. ;)

Ken Riches said...

Love the Big Boy figurines :o)

Anonymous said...

Obama is from Chicago and made a stop on Route 66 in Lebanon, Mo., during the campaign. I think that makes his book road-related. :)

Laurel said...


Sarah was lucky enough to get to sit with Obama for an hour or so when he was on his book tour and visited the bookstore she manages in Chicago, which is how I got the autographed copy. I believe he also visited Joplin during his campaign (and probably several other Route 66 cities. But I was just thinking... if I collected every book written by every author who had ever visited a Route 66 city, I might need a bookcase approximately the size of, oh... the Library of Congress. :-)

Trevor Hilton said...

Looks like my bookshelf. But mine is made up of spy thrillers, biographies, books about Harley-Davidson, "Blue Highways", "The Grapes of Wrath", a few Bibles, and many others too numerous to mention.

RoadDog said...

I don't know about you, I have a lot of books, most of which will probably never be read...but, I did look at the pictures.

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