Sunday, March 8, 2009

Mostly Friends

The predicted severe weather didn't materialize and it was a lovely, sunny warm day at Afton Station. Even so, the beautiful day didn't bring out the visitors. Two young (very young... probably 16-ish) residents of Afton wandered in near the end of the day. He's a Chevy lover and she's a Ford lover, so I'm not sure if the relationship will last, but they seemed to have fun looking at the cars and I hope they'll come back.

Betty came by for a while so we could have our weekly chat, after which I was surprised by an unexpected visit from Emily and Ron, my Route 66 friends and fellow Tulsans. They were on a trip to procure a new rat terrier puppy. Their beloved 10-year-old ratty, Scout, had to be put down last week due to incurable lymphoma, and Em and Ron are missing her so much that they're eager to fill the void with a new pup. I wish them well. (I liked Scout, too. She never failed to converse with me whenever we met. Yes, she "talked", and Emily tells me she never talked to other visitors -- just me.)
Other than these visits, there was absolutely nothing going on in Afton today. Even the truck traffic seemed to a lot less vigorous than usual. So, here's my picture gallery for today:
I took the above shots in Foyil on my way to Afton this morning. I love the "Foyil COUNTRY Cafe" sign. The place hasn't served food for several years and the sign is slowly fading away. Next door, the Top Hat Dairy Bar does quite well. Known for their milkshakes and burgers, it's a popular stop for Route 66 travelers, particularly motorcycle tours.

Finally, here's the dreaded photo of me, taken yesterday by Ron. This is the best of the bunch (believe it or not!), and I think I'll go ahead and send it to the U.K. magazine and tell them that what they see is what they get. :-)

P.S. -- I forgot to mention that I had a great phone interview with a young lady from Connecticut who is working on a paper about Route 66 for her senior project. The interview lasted for about a half hour and she asked some extremely intelligent questions about the history of Route 66. I felt like I was taking a test!


Beth said...

LOL at the Ford lover vs. Chevy lover. It's almost as bad as Diet Coke vs. Diet Pepsi, but I'm proud to report that even those who love different brands of pop can still get along! (Ken is DC, I'm DP, although I'm mostly off of caffeine.)

I think your picture is great! You can't go wrong when you're sitting in a classic car. :)

Love, Beth

Trevor Hilton said...

When you said you would "Photoshop" that picture, I thought that you meant that you would photoshop Eva Longoria, or Carrie Underwood, et. al. in that picture. ;)
But, like Beth says. You always look good in a classic Packard.

Anonymous said...

Scout didn't like very many people, but she loved you, Laurel. I don't know what she was saying to you that night when I was helping Ron with the U-Haul, but I wish I'd been there to see your face when she decided to strike up a conversation. I can only imagine how startling it would have been to have her saunter in and start warbling at you out of the blue.