Saturday, March 21, 2009

Miatas... and everybody else

Wow, what a day at Afton Station! I think we may have exceeded attendance numbers for any day since early last summer. A total of 44 visitors walked through the door today, and that's not counting Ron M., Betty, my friend Emily from Tulsa, my ex-husband, the three kids from town who drop in now and then, and a Route 66 souvenir salesman. One of the most exciting visits was from Doris, my friend for 33 years. She started out by working for me when we lived in Connecticut, and when we moved to Oklahoma, she decided to move here too. It was a very brave move for a lady who had immigrated from England to CT, and had never really been anywhere else. She's retired now, and I haven't seen her for almost two years. So good to get back with her!

We had visitors from Missouri, Minnesota, Iowa, Massachusettes, Chicago, and several towns in Oklahoma. I'm thrilled to report that several families who visited had small children; most were on Spring Break. It's so refreshing to have visits from kids. Here are a couple of cute little girls from Joplin, MO.
The largest group consisted of 21 people in 10 Mazda Miatas, the Miata Club of Tulsa out for a Route 66 cruise. They were late arriving, but that's not unusual for a car club, because they often get behind schedule while exploring all the wonders of the Mother Road. They were a jolly group and seemed to enjoy both the cars and the Route 66 memorabilia.

Here they are, listening patiently while I delivered the very short introduction I give to visiting groups.
And here are their beautiful cars.

Betty brought me two more old Afton yearbooks, so I'll have more old pictures to show you in a few days, I hope. This was just about the perfect Afton day, with many interesting guests, never a dull moment, and I even managed to sell a good number of guidebooks and squashed pennies. I'm happy!


Beth said...

Wow, sounds like a supercool day! Miatas are so cute--fun to see them all lined up!

Sounds like this could be a good season...perhaps people are taking vacations closer to home? Or are more people appreciating the joy of the road trip? Hmm!

Great news, and I hope things continue this way.

Hugs, Beth

Ken Riches said...

Wow, 44 visitors - that is awesome. Like Beth said, I think this year more people will be sticking closer to home.

~Kathryn~ said...

Hey Laurel
Our son Ajay drives a Miata (called MX5's here) he works in a specialist MX5 repair shop !!!

they look so cool all lined up