Monday, March 2, 2009

Leisure Seeker

For my birthday, Ron M. gave me a copy of Leisure Seeker, a novel by Michael Zadoorian. I started it today and have read about half of it. I really don't want to review it until I finish it, but I can't wait to tell you that it's a pretty remarkable book. It takes place on Route 66, and that's all I'll say now. I've read several Route 66-based novels, and frankly most of them have been pretty awful. This one is not. On the contrary, it gripped me right from the start and I can't stop thinking about it. More about this when I finish the rest of it.....

In other "literary news", I ordered a Kindle2 yesterday. Are you familiar with this wondrous new piece of technology? It's a small, lightweight wireless electronic reading device that will hold hundreds of books. It's the answer to my dreams because I have trouble holding a book and turning the pages when I'm at dialysis lying on my back with one arm strapped down. This only weighs 10 ounces and page turning and other functions are done by clicking a key. I'm sure it will change my life in a significant way. I can't wait until it arrives!


Beth said...

I read Ron's review of the book, and looks like I'll need to add that to my list!

You're getting a Kindle2...?

Beth <-- tinged a tiny bit green

I want I want I want! Isn't it cool? Such an improvement over the first Kindle. I actually have plenty of books to keep me occupied, but as the price of these devices come down, I can see myself getting one. That's a ways down the road, though!

I'd love to read your review after you've used it for a while!

Hugs, Beth

Trevor Hilton said...

I'd like to get a copy. It'll look good beside my copy of "Blue Highways", by William Leastheat Moon.
Everytime I crack that book I want to hop on my Harley-Davidson Sportster and hit the road myself.