Sunday, March 29, 2009

Disappointment vs Guilt

I couldn't get out of my completely iced-over driveway this morning, so I made an early decision not to go to Afton Station. Of course, when it was really too late for me to change my mind, the sun came out, it's a beautiful day, and the roads (and my driveway) are clear and in some cases they're absolutely dry. I'm extremely disappointed, and for some reason I feel a strong sense of guilt about not driving up there. One area of my brain says it was a wise decision. Another area keeps telling me I'm a wimp. I'll try to atone for all of this by going up both Tuesday and Thursday this week, as well as the usual Saturday and Sunday.

When my housebound restlessness finally came to a peak, I decided to go for a ride and take some photos of Route 66 in Tulsa. I've already taken photos of just about everything on the Route here, and what's left isn't particularly interesting or photogenic.

Over on the west side, there are a lot of oil refineries that aren't very pretty, but they're visible from Route 66 and therefore are an integral and important part of the Mother Road in this city. Here's the Sunoco Refinery, or as much of it as you can see from the road.

Then I passed the old Warehouse Market Building, and I wasn't sure if I posted a picture of it yet. It's a very wonderful example of Tulsa's art deco heritage. Built in 1929, it was first a farmer's market (pretty fancy farmer's market, eh?), and now is home to Lyons Indian Store, a quite fabulous store featuring Native American art and other local artistry.

In closing, here are a couple of yearbook photos from Afton which I scanned last week. A slide show is forthcoming, but for now, just see a couple of the filling stations that competed with the Eagle Service Station (now Afton Station) back in the early '60s.

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Beth said...

How cool that you found Afton Station in some of the yearbook pictures!

Don't feel guilty for not going in. It was too crummy to get out and be traveling this morning, and you know it, young lady! :)

Hugs, Beth