Thursday, February 12, 2009


Just a quick note today. On my way down 11th St. (Route 66) in Tulsa, I stopped to snap a picture of Tulsa Fixture Company's front window. I don't think their window decoration is meant to be whimsical. I just think they store the mannequins that way. Definitely a head-turner.
For those planning a Route 66 trip in the future, I'm posting a Tulsa World article by my friend Marian Clark in which she recommends certain Tulsa Route 66 restaurants. Marian is the author of "The Route 66 Cookbook" and is considered the foremost authority on Route 66 dining along the entire Route. Check it out.


Trevor Hilton said...

So that business is mooning all of their potential customers!? That ain't too smart!

Laurel said...

It does seem a bit odd, Trevor, but they've had those mannequins in the window as long as I've lived here, and so far they're still open, so maybe all those moons work in just the opposite way. ???

Beth said...

"Blue saw me standing aloooone." LOL Great pics!

Off to check out the article!


Ken Riches said...

Not sure about a fake bootie call :o)

Unknown said...

No the owner is a bit off the beam. I bet it is meant to be funny.