Saturday, February 28, 2009


On this past Wednesday, the temperature here soared to 81 degrees. Yippee, spring is here! Wait....hold on just a minute! Don't get so excited, girl! Today, on our ride up to Afton Station, the car thermometer was reading 27, and it didn't get much higher than that all day. And then... it snowed! It snowed most of the day up there but didn't stick. It was so gray and cold and WINDY and just plain awful that I didn't anticipate many visitors today, so I felt lucky to have had seven. We had guests from Springfield, MO (pictured below), Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas. The Springfield folks are on their way to Arizona for a vacation, and they didn't anticipate driving through snow today. And I didn't anticipate writing this blog with fingers that are still numb from the cold. Ron M. was with me today, and a mutual friend of ours sent along a boquet of daffodils from her yard to brighten up Afton Station, as well as some yummy sweet nutty yeast bread for our lunch. Nice of her.

David and his family popped in briefly and his son Patrick took a spin on the smashed penny machine.
And now, I've been invited out to dinner with friends, so that's all, Folks!


Ken Riches said...

Brrrr. Hope you have an extra blanket for tonight :o)

Beth said...

I can't believe it got that cold for you after hitting 81°. Brrr is right!