Thursday, October 31, 2013

Nothing Scary at the Station Today!

 Happy Halloween!   I'm kind of rushing this evening, so just a few photos and notes on our day at Afton Station will have to be enough.   No Halloween parties for me tonight, just a quiet night at home with the expectation of no rings of the doorbell.  Feeling very scroogy tonight.

We had our first visitor from Afton, Wyoming today.  This lovely lady from the "other" Afton was in the area visiting her cousin who lives in Chelsea, OK.  She was really excited about being in Afton and she bought a bunch of our souvenirs that bear the name of the town.   Nice folks!
Phyllis, the lady on the right, also from Chelsea, brought her relatives from Albuquerque, New Mexico to see the Station since she's been there before and felt they would enjoy it.  She's also the cousin of our friend Deanna and used to work at Summerside Winery just down Route 66 in Vinita.
These two lovebirds from Ochelata, Oklahoma are celebrating their 25th Anniversary today, and we were honored that they decided to visit Afton Station as a part of that celebration.  Congratulations, you two!
And that's all, folks.  No more visitors and no more observations.   Marly was with us for part of the day and we had brief visits from Crazy Legs Walker, Robin, and Scott, but mainly it was a quiet day.

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