Thursday, October 3, 2013


The past two days have been heavy with international visitors, and we're always excited about that!  Yesterday Rann was working and he visited with folks from Switzerland, Guatemala, Norway, and a few others I can't remember.  Today, visitors came from Italy, Australia,  China, and Germany.  Of course there were plenty of good 'ol Americans, too.
Here, two fellows from Beijing, China and a lady from Berlin, Germany are admiring a car belonging to folks from Bloomington, Illinois.   The car is definitely worth photographing, a very nifty and well-restored 1956 Chevy Nomad.
It was pulling a cute little teardrop trailer.  They also had a tiny replica of their car which they perched atop the Nomad for picture taking.
This guy, traveling solo, was one more of those affable, friendly Aussies we meet so often.  He's from Coolahgatta,  in Queensland.
The Enthusiasm Award goes today to this young gentleman from Venice, Italy, traveling with his wife.  Federico was alive with excitement from the moment he entered the Station, wanting to see -- and buy -- everything in sight.  The problem was that he wanted to purchase everything that's not for sale, my personal collectibles that are there just for display.  I felt badly that I had to keep saying "Sorry, not for sale", but if he'd had his way, the museum portion of Afton Station would be empty.   He's a restorer of jukeboxes, neon and porcelain signs, and vending machines.  If anyone reading this has anything you think he might want, leave a comment here and I'll tell you how to get in touch with Federico.  He was serious about obtaining items to take back to Italy.
Meanwhile, back to that pretty red Chevy wagon.   The owners, from Bloomington, Illinois, were accompanied by a huge and beautiful German Shepard service animal who stays by the side of the owner every moment as he helps him navigate his health challenges.   His name is Nikonis and he's a dear, sweet animal.
Other visitors came from Wilcox AZ and Richmond, TX -- oh, and also the state Tax Compliance lady paying a surprise visit to check my sales tax credentials and compliance.  I'm pleased to report that I passed with flying colors so I'll be staying open for the next who-knows-how-many years to come.  :-)


Susan Yates said...

Another great day at Afton Station capped by the news that the state of Oklahoma won't be closing you down. Wishing you many more years of just such days.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, any day you get away clean from the tax man is a GOOD day. Congratulations! DynoDave