Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Never A Dull Moment

I had a great little road trip yesterday, and I fully intended to blog about it later today, but now I'm not sure I'll have much time.  It seems that, after driving many miles over gravel roads, my road trip culminated in a flat tire "in the middle of nowhere" (literally!), thus necessitating a call to AAA (God bless AAA!) and a quicker-than-expected response by some awfully nice guys who installed the donut, meaning that the last 50 miles back to Tulsa had to be navigated at a snail's pace of 40 mph.  The AAA guys also informed me that I would benefit from getting new tires all around, something I already knew but was pushing to the back of my mind hoping they'd hold out for another 5,000 miles or so.  Anyway, apparently they won't, so today after dialysis I get to spend the afternoon at a tire store, something I do only after kicking and screaming.   In the event that I can finish that chore in a decent time frame  (and that I can prevent choking to death on the price of 5 new tires) I'll be back here with some neat photos and a description of my first "day off" since May.  It really was fun -- interesting places visited in the company of great friends.

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