Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Random Thoughts

I have a serious lack of energy these days.  It's sort of like having spring fever in the autumn!  I don't know what's causing this, but it had better end soon because I have mountains of things to do, both at home and at Afton Station.  The weather is changing, as are the leaves on the trees.  My pansies are all planted, and I love that they stay alive and happy all winter.  A winter without flowers would be so boring!  But do I really have to start thinking about Christmas so soon?  The stores I visit seem to think I do.  Nope.  I'll wait a while and just enjoy the crispness of fall.
Tulsa is finally starting to wake up to the possibility of promoting Route 66, which of course runs right through the center of town.  Various initiatives have been taken in the past 10 years, but in rather a random fashion.  Now, a committee of over 100 people have met in groups to talk about what can be done, and an action plan has been formed.    Afton Station isn't in Tulsa, of course, but I'm still involved because I live in Tulsa and am on the Board of the Oklahoma Route 66 Association.   In my opinion, signage is of the utmost importance, since every day I hear travelers complain about certain portions of Route 66 which are hard to navigate, even with a good guidebook.  I haven't heard too much complaining about Tulsa itself, although the fact that there are several alignments in the city makes it complicated and a good map is essential. I would be interested in hearing from anyone reading this who has experience navigating Tulsa Route 66.   Did you have any problems?  If so, where?   Thanks for the help.

To all of our friends who live in and around Sydney, Australia, our thoughts are with you as you fight the raging fires all around the city.

In case you're wondering why I'm babbling away like this instead of telling you about the day at Afton Station it is because so little happened!   This was our first truly SLOW day of the fall, with a mere three visitors, one from Joplin MO, and a couple from Montreal Quebec, Canada.  All of them arrived early in the day, so for the rest of the day Ron M. and I did some cleaning.  (Ok, Ron did most of it.)  But we got a few neglected nooks and crannies all cleaned up, which is more than would have happened if I'd been there alone.  Betty and Rann both stopped in to say hello. I sold nothing and took no photos.  I'm still confident that this slow day is a fluke and that we  still have a good number of busy days ahead of us until we start closing down in December.   This would be a good time to come for a visit.  We'd have lots of time to chat!

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Anonymous said...

Most US 66 maps omit the 1959-1985 routing of US 66 from Catoosa to Sapulpa which of course is along today's OK 66 and piggybacks I-44 most of the way. Most of old Skelly Drive has been obliterated since it was US 66 but it is still the final alignment and was US 66 for nearly half of the time it was commissioned and deserves more respect than it gets.