Tuesday, October 15, 2013

"The Long and Winding Road". . .

For so many people from so many countries, the long and winding road means Route 66.   Particularly this year we've been overflowing with visitors from all continents so we decided it was time to honor those who come so far to see our wonderful country.   We hope this little display of flags will reflect pleasure we get from meeting so many foreign friends.  (If your flag isn't represented here, let us know and we'll try to find one.) 
It was definitely a day for foreign visitors today.
This father and son from Oslo, Norway are enjoying their Route 66 vacation.
So are these two friends from Castellon, Spain.  We also had visitors from Adelaide, Australia but I failed to get a photo of them.
From Denton, TX came this couple.  Today is his 50th birthday, so of course I had to get a photo.  (By the way, today is my daughter Sarah's 40th birthday.  I can hardly believe it.  I was only 5 when she was born.  Yeah, right. . .)
Cindy Nugent and her husband Robert stopped by while in the area, from Spring, TX.   She is the niece of Aleene Albro, the well-known and much-beloved woman who owned and ran Buffalo Ranch for many years.  Cindy and I have exchanged emails over the years but this is the first time I've met her.   Since she spent a good deal of time at Buffalo Ranch every summer, she had stories to tell me about it, and I had a lot of Buffalo Ranch memorabilia to show her.  It was a great visit! They are planning to move to the area some time in the future.

We also had a visitor from San Francisco, CA, an employee of a tour company planning to bring several bus tours to Route 66.  She was checking out some of the places they wanted to visit on the tours.  I hope we passed her inspection!    We also visited with folks from Bowie, TX, and a couple from Conshohocken, OH.  The Ohio folks were on their way to Texas to fetch their son who is returning from a one-year deployment in Afghanistan.  We certainly shared their joy at getting their son back safely from his third deployment!

Marly, Ron M., Tattoo and I held down the fort today.   Despite the day being mostly cloudy and gloomy, we know that people are still out there traveling.

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