Saturday, November 2, 2013

Quick Thoughts

I'm moving quickly, since I'm going to some friends' house for dinner, and because my social life moves at a snail's pace these days, I wouldn't want to be late to the home of such lovely people.   So, here's my day at Afton Station....

It was good.  We had 17 visitors, not counting those who arrived just as Ron M. and I were leaving and Marly was kind enough to give them a tour.   Our visitors came from Tokyo Japan, Dallas TX, Plano TX, N. Canton OH, Rio Rancho NM, and Choteau and Edmond, OK.

These are the handsome Japanese young men who, incidentally, spoke very good English.  They said they'd been studying the language all through school.
Two police officers from the Dallas area, traveling with their wives, were intrigued by the police car that's temporarily residing in our work room.
Two little boys from Afton were intrigued by the penny machine.
The rest of the guests were intrigued by me.  (Sorry, just kidding.)

If I think of more in the morning, I'll add to this, but that's all for now, folks!

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