Sunday, November 17, 2013

Bounce Back

Well, well, well.   Talk about bouncing back from a week of having long days nearly devoid of visitors!  Afton Station was really hopping today, and it's good to know that Route 66 is still moving and shaking.  It was a perfect way to celebrate our last day before Winter Hours go into effect.

There were 16 visitors today, plus Robin and Betty both stopped in for a while.  Robin is getting used to her brand new bicycle, which she'll be storing at the Station so she can access it and pedal around town any time she wants.

This couple, from Vancouver, Washington, was on one of the most interesting adventures we've logged yet.  They're traveling no less than1,200 miles for a dental appointment at their dentist's office which happens to be in Mexico!  I guess when you like a certain dentist, you'll follow him just about anywhere!  Anyway, they're traveling Route 66 for some of the trip, so we were happy to greet these charming folks.
This couple drove up from Broken Arrow, OK.  They're pursuing another segment of a Route 66 trip which they are doing in stages.
This beautiful lady from Arkena, Ontario Canada was visiting with her husband, but her hubby spent so much time in the car showrooms that she and I had plenty of time to get acquainted while she waited.  They are also traveling parts of Route 66 on a vacation.
This gentleman visited twice today.  About an hour after he left the first time, he returned with his father and his son.  They are all collectors.  This gentleman collects old signage, and his father said he collects "everything".  He used to come to Afton often when frequent auctions were held there, but hasn't stepped foot in Afton for a while.

Other visitors came from O'Fallon MO, Rose OK, Wichita KS, Augusta KS, Bartlesville OK, and Seneca MO.

I may not be back here until next weekend, although I'm pretty sure I'll find things to babble about between now and then.  So stop back occasionally to see if there's a new post.

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