Thursday, November 14, 2013

A True Packard Woman

11:00 a.m. - Alone, with no visitors in sight, I spent the morning thus far sniffling my way through the latest issue of the Cormorant, the monthly publication of the Packard Owners Club.  Sniffling because I realized how much I missed the camaradarie of that group, particularly at our national convention. I haven't been to one in a lot of years. This summer the meet was held in Detroit, so there was a visit to the crumbling Packard plant which always brings tears to my eyes.   Also, the convention was attended by Margaret Dunning, who celebrated her 103rd birthday driving her 1930 Packard, as she does every day, but this time she had the excitement of taking it to the Indy Speedway and driving it at 70 mph.  She has owned the Packard since it was new. While at the convention, she was also allowed to take her turn at  piloting a riverboat down the Detroit River.  Now THAT is a true Packard woman!!

12 noon -   Police cars are speeding through town at about 80 mph, so something must be going on.  Otherwise, there's nothing but the hum of the heater to break the silence. This reminds me of the "old days" when I'd sit here all day with no visitors, looking out the window and counting passing trucks.   I'm cold. I've cleaned my desk and made a few price signs.  I've read two magazines.  I brought sushi for lunch, however, so all is not lost.
 1:00 p.m. -  Finally, some visitors, a wonderful couple from Gothenburg, Sweden.  They're traveling Route 66 during a lull in his business trip.  He works for Volvo in Gothenburg (of course!) and is test driving a 2014 model on this trip.   Good looking car, from what I could see of it.
Shortly thereafter, Betty came for a short visit and we had a good chat.   Two guys from Oklahoma City also came in and took a look at the cars.  One of them had been here before and wanted to show his friend.  After all that, I went back to staring out the window until it was time to head home. 
One thing I can see from the Station is this window in the 2nd floor of the building across the way.   Kind of spooky, don't you think?

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