Sunday, November 10, 2013

Malcolm Moose and Friends

It's always nice when a mascot encourages his family to come in and visit Afton Station.   Today, such was the case when a very handsome and well-educated moose named Malcolm insisted that his folks come in to the Station, thus we were privileged to meet a fascinating couple named the Millers who live full time in. . .
. . . this teeny tiny trailer!   Yes, the intrepid Millers (and Malcolm) have resided without interruption for over 2 1/2 years in the mini RV and in that time have traveled all over the country.   What interesting folks they are!  Ron M. and I thoroughly enjoyed their tales of the road, including almost constant nightly residences in Wal Mart parking lots all over the nation.   When they decided to make this move, they got rid of everything they had owned and kept only those belongings that would fit into the car and the trailer.  I am impressed! What fun they must be having.  They're on their way west to visit a son in Las Vegas and taking Route 66, of course.

I just pulled these pictures off of the Miller's Facebook page, those which they took while visiting Afton Station.
 Debbie signs the wall.
Ron M. and I pose with Malcolm.

In this photo, the lady on the right is from Aukland, New Zealand and is visiting for several weeks with friends (left and second from right) from Owasso, OK and their daughter from Wichita, KS.  I'm so glad they chose to bring their visitor to Route 66, and she seemed very pleased, too.  More extremely nice folks! 
Other visitors came from Porter and Strang, Oklahoma.   Once again, the morning was very quiet but things heated up in the afternoon.    I guess not very many people travel on Veterans Day weekend.    How fortunate we were to meet the fine folks who did visit with us today!

A big salute to our Veterans!   Remember, we won't be open tomorrow but will reopen as usual on Tuesday.  


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