Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Decisions Decisions

The morning sky was blazing red when the sun rose just before I picked up Ron M. for our drive on Route 66 to Afton Station.  It was majestic and beautiful beyond description but, as with all sunrises, it lasted only a few fleeting moments.  
It's time for me to make some decisions about the schedule we'll keep at Afton Station for the winter.  There's no doubt that the number of visitors is decreasing daily, at least on weekdays.   I'm thinking that two more weeks of the Tues. thru Sun. schedule will continue, but just before Thanksgiving we'll go to "weekends only", except when during the week I'll occasionally want, for my own sanity, to drive up to Afton and hang around waiting for travelers who may or may not come.  That means that for anyone planning to come our way, it's pretty important for you to give a call a couple of days ahead, if possible.  918-382-9465 or 918- 257-4044, and leave a message if there's no answer.
My goodness, it was COLD today!   This, apparently, is the beginning of winter, although it's supposed to warm up a bit for the rest of the week.  Eight intrepid travelers came to Afton Station today.  The couple above won today's distance award by a country mile (or several thousand country miles!), since they are traveling Route 66 from Patyah, Victoria, Australia, where they are sheep farmers.  They spent lots of time at the Station, but I'm not sure if they really enjoyed looking at everything or if they were just trying to keep warm!   :-)  We enjoyed their visit very much.

Our other visitors came from Nashville TN, Springfield MO, Vinita OK, and Bartlesville, OK.   Marly was with us all day, too, working on that fence.

For a few years now, I've been asking any of my visitors who have childhood memories of the old Buffalo Ranch down the road (now closed) if they remember having photos taken of themselves riding one of the stuffed animals (actual taxidermied horse and a buffalo) in front of the place.   If they have such a memory and still have the photos, I've asked them for a copy of the picture.  So far, I've accumulated about 9 or 10 photos.  One of these days I'll publish them here.  Meanwhile, if anyone has such a photo, I'd sure love to have a scan of it!   Perhaps, some day, there'll be a book. . .

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