Saturday, November 16, 2013

Decision Made!

After another very slow day at Afton Station, and after finding out Robin's day yesterday was even slower, I've decided to switch to my Winter Schedule beginning today.  That means that we'll only be open on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays from now thru the winter, with potential openings by appointment on other days.   I'd need a call at least a day in advance if you wish to visit on the other days of the week.  Call 918-382-9465 or 918-284-3829.

We  had a mere four visitors today, a very nice couple from Bella Vista, Arkansas, transplanted from Wisconsin for their retirement years, and this couple from Lunenburg, Massachusetts.  They were doing a bit of Route 66 exploration on their way to his sister's home in Kansas City.
Ron M. and our friend Joe were both with me at the Station today, so we did have some fun and laughs.
But to be honest, the most exciting part of the day was when Joe got his finger caught in a plastic water bottle.  A bit of surgery (on the bottle) and his finger finally worked its way out.  (Joe, I told you I wouldn't let this go unmentioned... ha ha).

We took a different road home, through Big Cabin, Adair, Pryor, and Choteau.  It was nice to see some different scenery for a change, and we stopped at the Amish Cheese House in Choteau so Joe could buy a pie.  Ron got a photo of the giant Indian in Big Cabin, but since it was taken on the run, it didn't come out well.  In all, it was a pretty good day despite the paucity of visitors.   Tomorrow is supposed to be a springlike day, so it would be a great day for a ride on Route 66.  Please come visit!

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