Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Vacation, Day 1

How did I celebrate my first day of so-called "vacation" from Afton Station?   By cleaning my office, of course.  Not terribly exciting, but very necessary.   Ron M. came over and helped with some of the heavy lifting.  Now I only have some sorting and filing to do, and then I'll be ready for the window guys to come in and mess it all up again.  I'm getting new windows in nearly all of the house . .  19 windows in all -- all solid wood to go with the covenants of the historic district in which I live.  I predict my own insanity before the job is done.
At least I had this beautiful tree in my front yard to look at all day.  It kept me from being totally depressed about spending my free day with piles of mess all around me.

Do you remember Manu, the French gentleman who visited us a few years ago while crossing the U.S. on stilts?
His photo appeared on Facebook yesterday as he walked through Atlanta, Illinois.  It brought back memories of one of the most interesting, unusual, and friendly visitors we've ever hosted at Afton Station. I hope some day he'll come back and amaze those on Route 66 who weren't able to meet him the first time.


Susan Yates said...

Nothing like a good clearing out to make you feel like taking on new projects. New windows sound like you'll have a warmer winter ahead and sparkling clean glass without having to break out the Windex, for awhile anyway. Have fun on your break.

Laurel said...

Susan - Yes, the best part of it is that I won't have to wash them for a while!

Midday said...

If some folks were going to be in Tulsa for Thanksgiving and wanted to visit Afton Station on Friday or Saturday, do you know yet if you'll be there?
Thanks, and Happy Thanksgiving in advance.

Laurel said...

Yes, I'll be there on Saturday and Robin will be there on Friday. I'm presuming you're referring to the weekend AFTER Thanksgiving, and not this weekend. Hope to see you then and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!


Midday said...

Yes, the weekend after. Thank you!