Saturday, November 30, 2013

Back in the Saddle

After almost a week away, I was back at Afton Station today and very glad to be there.   Thanksgiving was nice -- dinner at a ridiculously crowded restaurant and a nice ride in the country afterwards -- but for me it's always nice to get back to routine.  My routine, for the winter, will consist of only driving up to Afton on weekends, but that leaves me more time to tend to my own chores at home.

There was another pretty sunrise today.
I picked Ron M. up and we headed to Afton.  The morning was cold, but by afternoon it was feeling a little bit like spring.  Tomorrow is supposed to be the same.  We had 9 visitors (not counting Robin and Scott, who both dropped in for a while).   Those visitors were mostly local types who were out for a refreshing drive on their holiday weekend.    They came from Kansas City KS, and Jay, Bluejacket, Bartlesville, and Miami, OK.  We really enjoyed this couple from Kansas City, who seemed to be having a ball on their long weekend exploration of Oklahoma Route 66.  Can you tell they're having fun?   :-)
Ron M. and I were actually pretty satisfied with the nine folks who came to visit.  Frankly, I was expecting a lot fewer than that.   However, on the last day of November I spent a little time at the calculator and discovered that we had almost 1/3 more visitors than last November, and they spent almost double what visitors spent at Afton Station in November of last year.  Maybe this "Shop Local" thing is catching on!!

We'll be open again tomorrow, so come for a visit please!

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Unknown said...

We really enjoyed meeting you as well, we had a blast!!! Stay wam :) All the best, Jeff and Gayla