Sunday, December 1, 2013



 Pecans, that is! 

 Much of our day at Afton Station today was "hurry up and wait".  We were reminded that this isn't the summer tourist season any more, and visitors were few and far between.  One way Ron used his free time was to take a walk around town, and during his walk he came upon some pecan trees that were shedding their bounty so he helped himself.  Shelling pecans isn't easy, but Ron managed to use some of David's pliers to crack them and we had a little midday snack.  Doesn't he look serious about his work?
When we weren't nutcracking, we were visited by just a few people.  Betty W. and Michael Scruggs each dropped in for a little while.  We also had a visit from a gentleman from Tulsa who was just beginning to find his way around Route 66.  We armed him with both of our free Oklahoma Route 66 booklets and reminded him that there was plenty of the Mother Road to explore right in his own back yard.

A couple from Camdenton, MO (Lake of the Ozarks area) also came by on their way home from a month long trip to California and Arizona.  What fine, interesting folks they were!  They have a large ranch where they raise cattle and horses, and that life always interests me.
Since I was asking her questions about life on the ranch, she gave me this photo of her bottle feeding one of the calves.  I must share it with  you because it's such a cute picture.  They were a great couple!
Well, we won't be open again until Friday, when Robin will be minding the store.  I'll be back in Afton on Saturday and Sunday.  Perhaps now that the Thanksgiving family weekend is over there will be more people on the road looking for interesting places to visit.

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