Saturday, December 28, 2013

Early Morning Surprise

On our drive up to Afton, which we thought was going to be just a quick look-in to make sure everything was tied down and winterized there, I had a call from some folks who were waiting outside of the Station hoping to get in for a tour. Since we were only about 20 minutes away when we got the call, I put the pedal to the metal (don't tell the OHP) and got there before they got tired of waiting.  What a nice surprise... visitors!

I was very glad we caught them when we did.  They're pulling a travel trailer and heading down to the Rio Grande Valley for the rest of the winter and said they hadn't visited Afton Station in about 6 years.  They own a '49 Packard and are active in Packard and antique vehicle groups in their home town of Petersburg, IL.   Furthermore, they introduced us to their pups, Wolfie and Isabella, two sweet, calm, huggable little angels.
Robin dropped in for a few minutes while we were still there and let me know that yesterday there were only two visitors and both were local.    After the Illinois couple left, Ron M. and I proceeded on our way to Grove.  Now I wonder if, had we stayed, we would have had more visitors later in the day. Oh well, no way to predict that.  It was a lovely day and right now the temperature in Tulsa is 63 degrees. Can't beat that for a mid-winter day!  On our trip to Grove, we checked out the Windham complex on Monkey Island, right on the water, where many of our Afton Station visitors stay in time share condos when they're in the area.  It seems like a nice spot.  Too bad it's not right on Route 66 though.  

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