Thursday, January 2, 2014

Yippee, it's 2014!

Looking back at the last few years (not counting last year, when my hospitalization prevented me from having my customary New Years Day party), I've noticed that "food porn" seems to be the custom of this blog.  I don't know why I always post a photo of my table full of food, except that Ron M. snaps the pics and they're always so colorful that I can't resist showing them off.

Things get less elaborate each year, but I'm still able to fill the house with wonderful friends and we have a nice, quiet afternoon of laughter, wine-sipping, and story-sharing.  This year, I had a few children visit, for a change.  Lily and Hannah are the adorable and well-behaved daughters of my friend and personal trainer Jeremiah and his wife Jamey.
Tattoo Man and his wife Roz are guests each year, as are Brad and LaSandra (in rear).

My friends Jim and Margaret
Joe and Lily

Because of my inattentiveness, none of the other photos came out well enough to show here.  But you know, this is a Route 66 blog and my party has very little to do with Route 66, so I'll stop here.  Happy New Year to all!


Ron McCoy said...

Maybe a little less elaborate but my goodness you do prepare a great variety of delicious food. Aside from the meat, cheeses, etc., your selection of homemade desserts this year was outstanding: cannole, brownies, baklava.....and the eclectic variety of guests made for a fun and entertaining afternoon. Thank you!

Laurel said...

Thanks, Ron! You were a big help to me by coming early and helping me with last-minute tasks. Yes, it was an eclectic guest list all right!

Pssst.... the baklava was store-bought. :-)

I'll be eating shrimp for days to come. Wish you'd taken some home!