Sunday, December 15, 2013

Thinking Hiatus

I think that after this post (and perhaps another one which I already have lined up for tomorrow), I'm going to take a little hiatus -- probably just a week or two -- from this blog so I can make sense of the massive number of tasks I have to get done before Christmas and New Years.  Gifts must be wrapped, gifts must be mailed (soon!), a couple of gifts still need to be made, food arranged, purchased, and cooked for a party after Christmas, and I just signed on to proofread a friend's manuscript which must go to the publisher in the next week or so.   Eek!

Furthermore, Afton Station today yielded exactly ZERO visitors; so there's nothing to talk about!   We stuck it out until a little after 1:30, but I have finally convinced myself that it's all over for 2013.   I might show up there occasionally when weather permits and when I have a bad case of Afton separation anxiety, but for all intents and purposes we're closed until February.   If I do decide to open once in a while, you'll be the first to know. And, as usual, if you plan to come through Afton or if you have house guests who might like to visit the Station, just give me a call and I'll try to arrange to open for you.   918-382-9465.

There were signs that Santa was lurking around last night.  He left  hats here and there.  Ho ho ho!
Crazy Lady got one.

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