Sunday, December 22, 2013

66 on Ice

I took a little ride on Tulsa Route 66 this morning thinking I'd be able to take some interesting photos of the ice which is encrusting everything in sight after yesterday's ice storm.  I wasn't successful, for two reasons.  For one thing, my camera doesn't seem to enjoy bringing out the true beauty of icicles.  Secondly, there aren't very many trees along Tulsa Route 66!  I never really noticed before.  I had to drive through the gate of the University of Tulsa in order to snap a semi-decent picture.  This is the spot where the Metro Diner once stood and, like most Route 66 fanatics, I wasn't happy when they tore it down just to produce a "green quadrangle" surrounded by student apartments.  But they do have lots of trees, and all of them were covered with frozen beauty.  It's just that my camera didn't really catch it.
A big limb crashed down across the street from me last night, but otherwise there's no particularly serious damage in my 'hood.  However, since the temperature hasn't risen above freezing for several days, the ice remains on branches, wires, and roofs, leaving Tulsans to move gingerly beneath the creaking and sagging.  I'll be glad when the dripping starts.

Cheers!  Enjoy these few days before Christmas, and I hope it will be a happy and stress-free time for you all!

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