Sunday, December 8, 2013

It just feels wrong. . .

. . . when I don't go to Afton, thus I have nothing particularly relevant to report here on the blog.  I feel I'm going to lose my readers if I miss an entire week of blogging.  Then again, maybe you all need a break from my babbling.  Since I've stayed home for the entire weekend, minus a few "driving around town" trips just to shake me out of the doldrums, I really have nothing much to talk about.

For those who may be traveling Route 66 right now, I can tell you that the roads in and around Tulsa are pretty clear, so come ahead and enjoy our beautiful town.  The main roads are fine and the secondary roads are passable but slightly slippery (except in my Subaru, which seems to be able to easily conquer any road condition.).   It's still extremely cold, however, so if you're visiting Tulsa I hope you brought a warm coat!

Since no blog entry is worth its salt without a photo, here's one of  my house.  Snow is so rare around here that I seldom get to snap a pic of my 1915 bungalow with a bit of snow on and around it.  This is the best I could do this time.

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Mick said...

What a charming home! Our Blogger friend Missouri Michael drove all the way down to Wichita Falls from Joplin to spend the icy weekend with us. (It was our annual Thanksmass Celebration) Hope you stayed warm!