Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Road Crew is Coming!

I just arranged for the "Official Musicians of Route 66", the Road Crew of Nashville, TN, to play an informal concert at Afton Station the afternoon of Sunday, Aug. 4.  The last time this truly excellent and professional group played at the Station in October 2009 , the audience loved it.  The guys play their own Route 66 compositions as well as rockabilly, rock, and country tunes.  Their versatility is amazing.  Those of you who have purchased one of their CDs at Afton Station know how good they are.
 Unfortunately, the audience was sparse for their last visit to Afton.  This time, I hope to gather a crowd worthy of their music, and that's not easy in a town of very few citizens.  The band will be coming from a gig at the International Route 66 Festival in Joplin, MO, where they'll play for a big audience, so I'm hoping lots of you will come to Afton and see them in a more intimate setting. On top of their talent, they're the nicest guys you'd ever want to meet.

The concert will be free, of course.  More details will be forthcoming.


MissDazey said...

I put this event on my "got to go to it" list.

Laurel, are your familiar with Jerry L Rice? He is an outstanding artist, has done several Route 66 pieces. He is on Facebook

btw, please give me your fb page info again.. I seemed to have misplace it, and you are not coming up in a search.

Laurel said...

I'll check out Jerry Rice's work. The name isn't familiar but perhaps I know his work. Thanks for the tip1

I'm so glad you're considering coming to the Road Crew concert! It should be so much fun!

The Afton Station Facebook page is simply Afton Station Fan Page. Let me know if this doesn't work for you.


Rick said...

Laurel, I was so excited to see that the Road Crew will be at your place during the festival. That means we get to hear them /three times in THREE different venues. AnD we get to visit Afton Station on top of it all. See you in August...King Dick

Laurel said...

I know.. isn't it great that our Road Crew wants to come back to Afton? I'm thrilled, and now I'm thrilled even more that YOU will be coming to hear them!