Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Clanton's and Other Things

Sometimes I  marvel at how good it feels to be a real part of the Route 66 experience.  That warm feeling overcame me as I sat eating breakfast at Clanton's in Vinita this morning.  Clanton's -- the go-to cafe for Route 66 travelers around here.  It's known far and wide for being the oldest family-owned restaurant on all of Route 66, older than the Route itself.  And yet, I'm treated like a "regular" there.  The waitress knows me and we chat.  She remembers that I always need a spoon to mix my medicine, and that I can't eat potatoes.  I always exchange pleasantries with several other regulars, even though I'm the least regular of them all.  I am warmed by this kind of down home ambiance and wish that there was a place in Afton with the same friendly feeling.
Ron M., the person in charge of reminding me to take photos (or taking them himself) wasn't with me today so I have none other than the two above.  Too bad, because the two young men who came in from Valencia, Spain were definitely photo-worthy!   I guess I was too busy looking at their gorgeousness to think of photographing them.  (Go ahead, call me a cougar...).   Anyway, they were enjoying their Chicago-to-Cali trip.

It was a pretty slow day today, and yet enjoyable.  A lovely Australian couple from Horsham, Victoria made us a stop on their way from West to East on Route 66.   Other than that, all were local, from Vinita, Langley, and Afton OK.    One fellow from Langley brought us a gift, a 1955 Auto Repair Manual, a very large and interesting book covering all makes and models of '55 cars.

Robin had a bigger day on Sunday, with visitors from England, Australia, Washington State and Wisconsin as well as some locals.  She also washed all the windows!!!  Now we can see out of them again.  :-)

I predict fly season is about to begin.  Better oil up the fly swatters!  I wish Phil would hurry and come back from California.  He's our Swatter-in-Chief!

Here's a video we found on YouTube. I'm not sure who made it, but it's a nice view of our 1917 Packard Motorhome.  The interior is too dark, but the exterior looks nice.


Beth said...

When you walk in, do they all holler "Norm!" ;) Bad Laurel for not getting a picture of the young Spanish men!

Laurel said...

Beth - Ha ha! Yes, they holler "Norm" and then I order a beer!

Sorry I missed the opportunity to pass along the eye candy. Cute guys for sure!

Susan Yates said...