Saturday, April 20, 2013

Serene Saturday

It was a ho-hum day at Afton Station, and that's not our visitors' faults by any means.  I think Ron M. and I were just a little tired, and all the unfortunate events of the past week were perhaps taking their toll.  We had friends drop in -- Betty, Michael Scruggs, Robin, Crazy Legs, and David -- and ten nice visitors.   Despite all that, I was feeling blah.  By tomorrow I should be back to my usual wonderful (ha ha!) self.  Until then, here's a short blog so that my glumness doesn't rub off on you.

The sunrise was very pretty.

Our ten visitors consisted of folks from Clinton, Springfield and Neosho Missouri, Ogden Utah, and Miami, Oklahoma.  Most were men, taking advantage of a pretty afternoon, seeking to ogle as many vintage cars as possible.
 No comment about this photo.  It's for Ron M., and only he will probably understand  The shot doesn't really say it all, but it was taken from a moving car to preserve our safety.  Hear any banjos????

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