Tuesday, April 9, 2013

All Foreign, All The Time!

Where are all the Americans? I guess it's still a little too early for them to be traveling.  But our foreign friends are out and about, and I'm delighted to say that every one of the Route 66 travelers at Afton Station today were from somewhere other than the U.S.A.   We love our visitors from afar!

Betty, Marly, and I greeted 8 visitors today.   The first couple was from Woodstock, Ontario, Canada.  . . . 
. . . followed by a couple  from London, England. 
 Then, in the afternoon there were two folks from Sheffield, England, and finally a couple from Easton Township, Quebec, Canada.

The folks from London are temporarily residing in Ohio and were taking their beautiful vintage Indian motorcycle to several biker events across the U.S.  They decided to check out Route 66, and they are ferrying the Indian on a trailer behind a motor home.  All the other couples are doing traditional Route 66 trips.  The couple from Sheffield, England told us that they  had avoided a hefty drop-off charge on their rented VW Beetle by securing it from Alamo in England before coming to the U.S. That was interesting news since the usual drop-off charges can run from $500 to $1500 when a vehicle is picked up in Chicago and dropped off in L. A.

Tune in again tomorrow because I'll have some very exciting news to report!


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