Thursday, April 18, 2013

More Good Bass

Robin brought me a bag 'o bass today.  She's an avid fisherman who goes out every morning to the stream near their house and pulls in a mess of them.  I now have a bag large enough for several meals.  Thanks, Robin!

Storms!  Tornadoes!  Floods!   Pestilence!  (Well, not that last one...).  No pestilence yet, but to hear last night's weather prognosticators talk, we were to expect all or most of the above.  The nasty weather came in in the middle of the night, but turned out to be tame compared to some of the ugliness we've had since I moved to Oklahoma.  When Ron M. and I made our way to Afton Station early this morning it was still dark and drizzly.  By mid-afternoon the sun was peeking out occasionally, but the temperature  has dropped some 30 degrees since yesterday and it's COLD!   Just another day in Paradise.....

Guests today included folks from Oswego Kansas, Pittsburg Kansas, Frankfort Germany, Birmingham Alabama, and Bella Vista, Arkansas.   Here are the friendly folks from Alabama.....
 ... and here's the fellow from Germany.  His trip to the U.S. wasn't his first.  In the '70s he purchased, for $75, a car on the West Coast and drove it all over the country.  At the end of his trip, he sold it for $50!   Those were the days!
 I guess that's about all for today.  I got a late start on the blog and have much to do before my head hits the pillow tonight.   Enjoy your evening!

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