Sunday, April 21, 2013

Enthusiasm Returns!

Today was SOOO not yesterday!   I feel wonderful today, all energy and enthusiasm has returned, and we had a great day at Afton Station.   My newest shipment of t-shirts got delivered to my house last night by one of my favorite suppliers, Greg Gazak from Zaks, LLC.   He's always on time and delivers my orders to wherever I want them.   This is one of them, the long-sleeved one, and I also sell a black short-sleeved one with a red, white, and blue Route 66 shield on the front.  Come and get 'em!
Ron M. and I were unpacking the shirts when our first visitors arrived, two couples on two nice trikes, one couple from Steele, MO and one from Blytheville, AR (two towns which are just a few miles apart, despite being in different states!)  What lovely, cheery folks they are!   They're heading for the Grand Canyon and I wish them nothing but wonderful weather, safe roads, and fun, fun, fun!
One of the ladies has a serious fear of snakes, so we made her open the Snake Box.  Just as she was opening it, I shouted "Be careful".  Thankfully, she fell short of having a heart attack, but not by much!
Three great guys from the Dusseldorf region of Germany also came to visit on their Route 66 tour.  The fellow on the left was the interpreter, and I was impressed by his ability to speak English.  He has been on Route 66 previously, but the others had not.   Dusseldorf!  I forgot to tell them that I love their mustard!
 I always enjoy mother/daughter travelers, since I so much enjoy traveling with my own daughter.  These two are from Garden City, MO and are having a good trip so far.  Like all our visitors today, their sparks of enthusiasm energized me.  What a great day!
My liberal use of exclamation points in this post must have already let you know that I'm a happy camper this evening.  Furthermore, I got an email from Tattoo Man saying he hopes to be able to come to Afton Station next Saturday... finally!   And, Aussies are coming on Thursday, so I have a lot to look forward to this coming week.


Susan Yates said...

Back in the groove. Have fun.

Hermann said...

Thank You Laurel for You kindly comment and the picture yesterday.
So my Wife could see the Photo in Germany too.
When we finish our Route 66 trip, I will try to send You the good mustard from Duesseldorf.
All the best
Hermann with his two friends Dieter and Jakob

Laurel said...

Hermann - It was so nice to meet you and your friends at Afton Station. I know you fellows will continue to have a wonderful Route 66 trip, and I hope to see you again some time.