Thursday, April 25, 2013

A Very G'Day!

Days don't get much better than this!  We had such a great time at Afton Station!   It was a day overrun with visitors, and of the 77 people who walked through the door, all but 5 were from Australia!   Dale Butel's Aussie group was divided in two parts.  Those driving cars came first, followed about an hour later by the motorcycle riders led by one of his partners.  Dale was responsible for 67 of our guests.  During their visits, coincidentally we also greeted five other Aussies who were traveling on their own.  The five non-Aussies who came to see us were from London, England,  Springfield, MO, and Fairland and Miami, OK.  Ron M. was immensely helpful to me today.  I'm tired, and I'm sure he is, too.   So, this will be mainly a photo essay (with all photos taken by Ron).
 The cookies I offered at the door were completely gone in about two minutes.  The motorcycle riders who came later were faced with two baskets full of crumbs.  Sorry, guys!
 Many of the guests managed to find a spot to add their autographs on our door.  Believe me, there is almost NO space left,  yet motivated travelers are always able to squeeze their names in somewhere.
 They posed for photographs with one of our flags.
 They lined up on the street and in our parking lot.   It looked like a Hertz Rent-a-Car parking lot!
 They bought things.  LOTS of things!
When the motorcycle folks arrived, they sought shelter from the sun under our portico.  Yes, SUN!   It was a beautiful day today, perfect for anyone and everyone on the road.

Dale will be bringing two more groups down Route 66 this year, one in August and one in October.  We really love these visits and look forward to them.  Now I finally feel that the long awaited "season" has begun!

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