Thursday, May 2, 2013

Old Man Winter Doesn't Love Me!

I'm not saying that this horrible cold, windy, rainy snap is ALL my fault, but I can't help personalizing it because I'm so incredibly sick of winter.  Winter in May is unnatural, and should not be tolerated.  Just ask my blue toes--although that, too, is not Old Man Winter's fault.  I should know better than to wear sandals when near freezing temps are predicted.  It's just that I'm stubborn and the winter duds go away on May 1.  Brrrrr.....

But on to more pleasant things.  It wasn't a busy day at Afton Station but it was perfectly adequate and filled with lovely visitors.   A guy from nearby Wyandotte, OK came in for the third or fourth time today.  He always buys a lot of goodies and always pays in $2 bills!  Today, I ended up with more than $60 in those bills, so if anyone wants them, I'll be  happy to make change with them until they are used up. 
 Michael Campanelli, who will be known to other Route 66 roadies, stopped on his way to Pontiac, IL for the Red Carpet Corridor event.  Although he lives in Eagle Point, OR he travels the Mother Road from Tucumcari NM to Pontiac often, and is considered the keeper of all of the murals that are quickly going up on many cities along that part of the route.  In his latest brochure, he lists 41 towns that now have murals.  Many of them, such as Pontiac IL and Cuba MO, have a great number of murals.  I wish Afton  had at least one!
 Here are two more interesting people.   They're from Cincinnati, OH and are traveling in their beautiful motor home, which he crafted by hand out of an old Greyhound bus!   This is quite a masterpiece.  Even the interior was made of all hardwood by the gentleman.  I'm impressed!

Folks also came from  Shawnee, KS . . .
. . . and a nice young woman from Raleigh, NC traveling alone on OK and TX Route 66.  

Ron M. was with me today.  Yesterday, Robin held down the fort, and Tattoo Man came to greet our Route 66 friend Ed Klein from Arizona.  I'm so sorry I had to miss Ed!


Tbirdonroute66 said...

Hi Laurel,
I am sure you are not the only person who is sick of winter weather still hanging around. Maybe someone forgot to announce the current month is May!!!!
Thanks for sharing interesting stories - keep up the good work.
BTW, please share the reason the person has so many $2 bills, what did he tell you?
We might be going to Joplin in August and perhaps see you there.
Take care,
T-bird in St. Louis

Laurel said...

T-Bird -- He didn't say and I didn't ask. He barely said a word, just found a few things to buy and put them on the counter. I sensed that he wasn't the chatty type. When I asked him where he was from, I got a one-word answer. :-)

Ed Klein said...

Laurel - I am sorry I missed you too!! My friend Bill from Chicago was with me and he purchased several things with $2 bills as well - so there actually were TWO gents who came in with $2 bills!!

Before the trip, he went to the bank and ordered $400 in $2 bills (200 bills total) and paid with pretty much EVERYTHING with the $2 bills - the looks on folks faces... Classic!

I will try to get by you around the festival (you going?) - Email me about the sign.

Ed Klein
Route 66 World