Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Gold Wing Gang

We had lots of visitors at Afton Station today, but the biggest surprise was a group of 14 Gold Wings (trikes) carrying 19 visitors to our door.   We've had Gold Wing groups before, but never this one from Ft. Smith, Arkansas.  What a pleasant surprise to see this congenial group.  And it's no wonder that they were congenial -- it would be difficult to find a nicer day for a motorcycle ride.  Just perfect!
On the other hand, this couple from Augusta, KS was stuck with their bike in their truck on this glorious day.  I'm not sure why they had to ferry it in this manor, but they weren't happy about not being ON the bike!
There was a wonderful surprise this morning when this couple, Jake and Betty from Nashville, TN, came for a visit on the advice of Joe Loesch of the Road Crew, who is also from Nashville!   They said that Joe and the other members of the band were adamant that they visit Route 66 and Joe provided them with a list of places they had to be sure to visit.  I'm thrilled to have been on that list!   Here are Jake and Betty  holding the sign I made four years ago when the Road Crew gave a mini-concert at the Station.  Remember, the Crew is coming back for an encore on Sunday, August 4.   I hope a lot of you will be here for the fun.

 We've had a lot of visitors from France so far this season, and this couple is no exception.  They're from Lyon and are only going as far as Las Vegas this time because they explored the western end of Route 66 last year.  It's always nice to know that foreign visitors enjoy Route 66 so much that they return over and over again.
 We also had visitors from Fayetteville AR, Wichita KS, and Grove, OK.  31 in all.  Great day, and more tomorrow!

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Susan Yates said...

Excellent report of an excellent day.