Thursday, May 9, 2013


I'm limping around hunched over like a little old lady today due to a back strain I seem to have acquired during a session with my trainer, or maybe in some other way which I can't explain.  Anyway, I was very pleased to find Marly and David at the Station when I arrived this morning, as they had opened for me and saved me from further limping.  That way, I could just sit all day and welcome visitors.   Marly stayed to close for me, too.  Tattoo Man spent part of the day at the Station, arriving in his new red Stallion (or "Carsicle" as he calls it), which is quite a lovely ride and was noticed by everyone who stopped in.  It's great to see Tattoo feeling so well that he was able to ride the 50 miles to Afton on the bike.  

David brought his two pups, Mack and Boomer, who entertained visitors by threatening to eat them.   In reality, they're very sweet dogs, just very exuberant. 

Today's visitors came from Buffalo MO, Irvine CA, Pierre SD, Bolivar MO, and Langley, Afton, and Nascissa, OK.   These two ladies are historians and authors.  Luretta (right) has written a historical account of her small town, Narcissa, on Route 66 just down the road from Afton.  Fredrea (left) has written several history books and is now working on a history of Afton.  I will be helping out with some images and postcards from town.  I look forward to the project!
The couple from Irvine, CA are embarking on a full Route 66 trip, proceeding from their California home eastward to Chicago.  They are using the EZ66 Guide, which has very handy west-to-east directions, something most guides don't provide.
Although these folks are now living in Buffalo, MO there's no doubting their origins in Louisiana.  They have the most beautiful Cajun accents!  I barely understood the gentleman who is second from the left.   They were having a good time and I was having a good time just by being in their presence.
I guess that's about all for today.  Big weekend coming, and I'll be there to tell you all about it.

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