Saturday, May 25, 2013

Never a Dull Moment

Never a dull moment at Afton Station!   These two young ladies from Berlin, Germany, accompanied by Robin, are going through our huge number of quarters from the penny pinching machine in search of the new National Park quarters.   They managed to find $6 worth of them before moving on down Route 66.  They had collected all the state quarters during this trip and were moving on to the more difficult to find ones.  Such a great idea for adding a new dimension to their Route 66 adventure.
 But  that was just the tip of the iceberg on this day which brought 33 visitors to our door.    These two friends are from Brunswick, Ohio and were in the area to attend a funeral.   The lady on the left is 87 years young, and I'm not kidding about the "young"!   I only hope I'm that spry and aware when I get that age.  Actually, I'm not that spry and aware NOW!    Furthermore, she has a 94-year-old boyfriend.   She's traveled Route 66 many years ago and I'm sure she has some interesting stories to tell.
Two gentlemen on the left from the Antique Auto Club of American (Tulsa Chapter) came in to check out our place as a potential stop on their summer tour.  We passed with flying colors and will be visited by them on June 29.  They loved the cars.  The two people on the right are from Paris, France and are traveling all of Route 66.

Other visitors came from Baxter Springs KS, Lafayette IN, Broken Arrow OK, Marvel AR, Sarasota FL, Scott City KS, Hutchinson KS, Erie PA, and Vinita and Miami, OK. 

Tattoo Man stopped by on his way to get another tattoo (of course!) and gave Robin a ride on his new toy.  He learned a lesson on his way to the Station, though.  If you leave a bag of Fritos on the back seat of the bike, they will fly off and never be seen again!   Poor Tattoo!
Ron M. and I left Afton slightly late due to late visitors, but we aren't complaining about that!  We thoroughly enjoyed all of today's travelers.

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