Thursday, May 23, 2013

Young Roadies, Afton Style

The highlight of my day at Afton Station was a visit from five young boys from Afton who, having been freed from school for the summer, wandered in to see what the Station was all about.  The oldest, Jacob, just happens to be a big Packard fan, and he enjoyed showing his little brothers, his cousin, and a friend the charms of that automobile.   By the time they left, all the guys were completely enticed by the beauty of the old cars.  And what polite, courteous, and well-spoken fellows they are!
Here are Jacob, Dylan, Nate, Noah, and Luke.   They returned later in the morning with a gift for me, a fun squeeze toy they purchased across the street at the flea market.  I hope they come to visit again soon.

There were others, of course.  These four motorbike riders from Cognac and Bordeaux, France greeted us when Ron M. and I arrived this morning.  (Why am I having a sudden craving for French wine?) They're enjoying their ride. That's David's behemoth motorcoach in the background.  Marly spent all day washing it.
From Modesto, California came this couple. . .
 . . . and these two from London, England.
What fun these guys were!   Three are from London, England and the chap on the right is from Alexandria, Virginia.  They are all related by marriage and they appeared to be having a marvelous time.  Second from right is the gent they call their "Supreme Leader", although I'm not entirely sure why.  They bought a couple of copies of the EZ66 Guide to enhance their trip.  I'm not sure it needed much enhancement, however!

There were also visitors from Tulsa and Bartlesville, OK and Robin and Betty both stopped in, too.  Robin brought fresh eggs from the farm of a friend.  Yum!   Betty brought a beautiful peony from her yard.  Friends are so wonderful!

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