Thursday, May 30, 2013

Ah, Oklahoma weather.... again

As I write this, we are under some sort of extreme, just-short-of-tornado weather warnings on TV.   By the time I finish, the sun will probably be shining.  Just another day in beautiful downtown Oklahoma.  But seriously, we here in Tulsa have been very lucky when it comes to disturbing weather.  It's raining and blowing so hard right now that my front porch is getting cleaned... something I was going to do myself tomorrow.  No problems and no damage here, but apparently some  tornadic activity not far from Tulsa.

We felt a bit sorry for those visitors who came to visit Afton Station via motorcycle today because, since they were all heading west, they all would be meeting head-on with the ugly "front" somewhere along the way, since bad weather always follows Route 66 from southwest to northeast.  A group from France and a group from South Africa all arrived around the same time and took temporary shelter under our portico.
 Folks from Liffre and Ploubalay, France
Gentlemen from S. Africa

All these folks were a little wet, but in fine spirits.   Ron M. took these photos of the flags on the French bikes and the GPS on the S. African bikes.   Love the way the GPS program points out our location with a little cartoon biker!

Other soggy visitors today came from Bilina MO, St. Charles MO, Mooresville IN, Lowerhult New Zealand, Sydney Australia, and Narcissa and Monkey Island, OK.   Marly and Tatoo Man spent a good part of the day with us, too. The folks from St. Charles MO were Dean and Vicky Kennedy, Route 66 friends who are traveling the Route with Vicky's mother and father.  Nice to see them!

I was right!  The sun is now out and it's a beautiful, calm evening!   I'm glad the wall-to-wall weather reports on TV have given way to regular programming.  Now I can watch the National Spelling Bee this evening, one of my favorites!  

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