Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Enthusiasm Bug

The Enthusiasm Bug, if there is such a thing, was biting Route 66 travelers today in a big way!   Not only did we have a full house, particularly near the end of the day, but everyone was showing incredible enthusiasm for their vacations, or Route 66, or old cars, or all of the above.  Ron M. and I were energized by those we met.   They kept coming in after our 3 p.m. closing time, but we stayed an extra hour because it would have been a shame to turn away any of these nice folks. 

Visitors came from Lyon, France, Mannington WV, Commerce OK, Shelby NC, Schuylkill Haven PA, Sheldon MO, Pittsburg KS, Las Vegas NV, Roann IN, Elburn IL, Tulsa OK, and Manchester, England.

Larry and Judy from West Virginia left their mark on our autograph door.  It's almost completely full now (both doors, both sides), so we have to find other places for signatures.  

 The niece of well-known Route 66 artist and guidebook writer Jerry McClanahan came to visit from her new home in Tulsa.  She's only been in Tulsa for a year, having moved from Texas.   With her is her boyfriend from Manchester, England.
 Robin's friend (and now my friend) Rann Lee brought me another little miniature car, this time a 1953 Packard!  I put them in a little gas station model. and I think they look pretty good, don't you?  Thanks, Rann!
 I told these folks I was going to title this photo "A Pile of Midwesterners".  The two on the left are from Roann, Indiana, and the family on the right is from Elburn, Illinois.   They didn't even know each other when I asked them to pose for the same photo.  Wonderfully nice folks all!
 This interesting gentleman is from Schuylkill Haven, Pennsylvania.  Of enthusiastic folks, I believe he wins the enthusiasm prize for the day!   He is living the '50s life to the hilt, right down to a house furnished in mid-century furniture, some '50s cars, and of course the sideburns and "Elvis" hairdo.  We really enjoyed hearing about his adventures.
 I wish I could have taken photos of everyone today, but I was pretty rattled by all the visitors and all the great chat.  I'd rather listen to travelers' stories than make them pose, I guess.  Today, Ron was a huge help to me.  I never could have handled everyone by myself.   Betty also came by for a while, and that's always a treat.   Now I must recuperate and be ready for more crowds -- I hope! -- on Tuesday.

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Susan Yates said...

Wonderful report. Great day.