Monday, April 29, 2013

In case you didn't believe me. . .

. . . here's proof that I really was at a meeting yesterday, not just shirking my duties at Afton Station.  The board meeting of the Oklahoma Route 66 Association was held at the Tourism Information Center in Oklahoma City.  It was a long meeting and a long day.   This is just one half of the table.  There were about 18 people there altogether.
Sharing the meeting room with us was this guy.... a VERY large bison head!  If you've seen bison up close, you will be able to imagine how large this fuzzy guy was!  Apparently he fell off the wall, so they parked him in the meeting room.   
 That's all  until tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

What, no donuts? How can you have a meeting without donuts?


Laurel said...

The bison ate them!