Thursday, March 7, 2013

Too Pooped to Blog?

I'm too pooped to blog, but that doesn't mean I won't!  I just don't feel like making it pretty or particularly literate. On top of that, my camera is going downhill fast.  Fortunately, I've ordered a new one (a Canon this time), and it should arrive in the next day or two.  Meanwhile, what you see is what you get... from a tired writer with a tired camera.

The first visitors arrived very early and before I did, so I did a very quick opening.   They were four folks from French-speaking Montreal, Canada and there was a major language barrier to overcome as I told them to wait in the main room while I opened the two showrooms.   It all worked out in the end, and they enjoyed their visit.  Sorry for their fuzziness in this picture.
After a long dry spell, my next visitors were a couple from Willis, Texas, true diehard travelers.  They travel with a trailer and two motorcycles (an offroad one and an on-road one) and they take some very special road trips.  Last year, they spent almost 6 months on the road, much of it touring Alaska, and they even got up to the Arctic Circle!  They were very interesting folks for sure!
Since there were no other visitors today, I spent my time fixing the broken magnet making machine, cleaning out the top drawer of the filing cabinet, chatting with Marly who came in for an hour or two, and making this sign, or at least starting it.     
My friend Trevor saw my posting about the expectation of large numbers of Chinese tourists this summer, so he asked his Asian wife, Lim, if she could write a welcoming statement in Chinese characters that I could use on a sign.  She in turn asked her friend from China to help her, and they came up with something for me.  Today, I copied it to a large sign for the door.   It says "Welcome to Afton Museum", but the word "Afton" couldn't be translated.  I'll post the whole sign when I enhance it and finish it. 
I haven't posted a sunrise photo lately, so here's one I took this morning on the way to Afton.  The fuzziness isn't so bad in this photo.  In fact, I like it.  Maybe I'll miss this camera after all.....

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Trevor Hilton said...

I'd like to visit Alaska some time, too. I have an Aunt and Uncle in Broken Arrow who have a picture of themselves at Point Barrow, the most northern point in the USA.