Thursday, March 21, 2013

Springless Spring

Good grief!  What happened to spring?   Today's gloomy day offered up servings of frigid temperatures, rain, sleet, and even a few flakes of snow.   I know it's nothing compared to conditions on the East Coast, but it sure doesn't help the flow of traffic at Afton Station.  Ron M. and I spent most of the morning flipping through magazines, reading the newspaper, and trying to figure out how to get some snail mail to Jay Leno. Later, Betty stopped and brought Ron a massage pad with the hopes that it will alleviate his back problems.  Nice of her!   Then Dean "Crazy Legs" Walker stopped by on his way home from another western shoot out competition (he came in 8th in the Senior division... congrats, Dean!), followed by Scott, our friend from town.

The great surprise of the day was Tattoo driving up in the brand new Stallion which he picked up just moments before at the Nutting Custom Trikes just 2 miles from Afton Station.  What a gorgeous ride!   His wife Roz was following in the family car, but she'll be sharing the ride with Tattoo when he doesn't have an extra car to take home.   Here he is on his beautiful new vehicle -- possibly the first known photo of our Tat Man without a single tattoo showing!   :-)
 Our only legitimate visitors today were these two very cool guys from Grand Forks, North Dakota.  They were delivering a new small RV from Indiana to Las Vegas, and doing as much as possible of the trip on Route 66.  I really liked these guys... they had great senses of humor and an appreciation of what we're doing for Route 66 here.   I hope they find their way back here some day.

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Trevor Hilton said...

Congratulations on your new toy, Ron! Will you paint it red, white, and blue?