Thursday, March 28, 2013

Special Sunrise, Special Day

The sunrise was nothing short of magnificent today.  You should have seen me chasing it with my car.  It took a while to find a good place to photograph it, and it was rising so fast that I was afraid I'd miss it.  Finally, just east of Claremore, I pulled off the road with squealing tires and got this shot.  Not bad, if you like telephone poles in your pictures.  I think, in this case, it's fine.

There were 8 visitors to Afton Station today, better than either day of the weekend.  Surely it had something to do with this being the first "springlike" day, with temperatures rising into the low 70s.  Finally!!  These folks from Ainsworth, Iowa were returning from their winter home in Texas and decided to do a portion of Route 66.

These two, from Ft. Pierce, Florida just like to get in the car and drive, always on the secondary roads and not on the interstates.  This time, they're doing Route 66.  They are a couple after my own heart!
 Another couple, from Grand Rapids, Minnesota came in during the later part of the day and I wasn't able to talk to them as much as I'd liked because I was so busy gabbing with Mark Potter, a surprise guest from Lawton, OK.  Mark has been a hard core Route 66 fan and postcard collector, so I've gotten to know him over the years.  He's a very nice guy with a great collection.   I was excited to see him and get a big Mother Road hug from him, but I forgot to snap his picture.  Dean "Crazy Legs" Walker also stopped in today, as did Betty.   I spent a good part of the day getting things ready for the booth we're having at the Buffalo Run Casino Antique and Memorabilia show.  I had forgotten how much is required to make sure a booth is properly set up.

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