Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Dave's Garage - We Fix French Cars

Two couples from Manhattan, KS arrived at Afton Station moments after I did, but that was just fine because David and Marly  were already there and had been working on putting a new engine in the Citroen, so they had turned up the heat and turned on the lights.  By noon, they had the car running like a top and were quite proud of themselves. (There is still something wrong with my camera.  This time I took three of this same scene, and all are blurred. Sorry.)
The Kansas couples are traveling Route 66 in Oklahoma for the next few days and were having a great time. 
Another guest today was James from Tulsa, OK who regaled me with interesting stories about his father who died very recently.  When he was young, his family traveled Route 66 from California to Oklahoma for work during the Dust Bowl.  He called it "reverse Grapes of Wrath".  My final visitor was a local man from Vinita, OK who only stayed for a couple of minutes then moved on.

Tulsa is the only Route 66 city listed on the Livability.com list of  "Top 10 Spring Break Destinations for Families".  Where to go for spring break: Tulsa  The honor is based on affordable hotels, restaurants, and attractions,and includes mention of the Blue Dome District (on Route 66) as well as our hiking/biking trails, art museums, zoo, planetarium, and Air and Space Museum.  The article also suggests further exploration on Route 66 as a "side trip".  Other cities on the list included Santa Cruz, CA and Tuscon, AZ.  Of course, I've always known that Tulsa is loaded with opportunities for visitors, now perhaps others will have the chance to experience it, too..


Trevor Hilton said...

Why don't you make that Citroen look like the one from "For Your Eyes Only"? I can furnish the bullet holes if you want.

Laurel said...

I'm sorry, but you'll have to discuss that with David, Trevor. :-)