Sunday, March 17, 2013

Foggy Dew

 That's the perfect old Irish song to describe this St. Patrick's Day in our part of Oklahoma!   It was foggy, foggy dew all day, not to mention the chilly wind that blew all day as well.   Unfortunately, the wind only blew in two visitors today, and they were there waiting when Ron M. and I pulled up at 9:15 this morning.  The fellow on the left is from Quilcene, Oregon and he was visiting his friend (right) from Jay, Oklahoma.  They seemed very well versed in vintage cars, and it's always fun to talk to people who show that kind of interest.
Our only other visitor was Betty, who stopped in after church.  Here's our beautiful Betty sitting and contemplating something... probably how to stay warm while hurrying to her car.  Yes, it really was a nasty weather day, but we were warmed by visits from Betty and the two super nice visitors early in the morning.
 I hope you've all had a cheery St. Patrick's Day.   The stage is set up just down the road from my house, a yearly St. Paddy's Day street fair to take place this evening, as is the custom every year.  Somehow, I think it may not be as well-attended as usual due to the weather.  As for me, I'll be most  happy to listen to the music while in bed snuggled under my comfy duvet!

I'll close with the lyrics to Foggy Dew.  Unfortunately, in Oklahoma the weather never experienced the part where the "...sudden sun kiss'd the cold, cruel mist, Into dancing show'rs of diamond dew..."   Nope, no sun here today!

Oh, a wan cloud was drawn o'er the dim weeping dawn
As to Shannon's side I return'd at last,
And the heart in my breast for the girl I lov'd best
Was beating, ah, beating, how loud and fast!
While the doubts and the fears of the long aching years
Seem'd mingling their voices with the moaning flood:
Till full in my path, like a wild water wraith,
My true love's shadow lamenting stood.

But the sudden sun kiss'd the cold, cruel mist
Into dancing show'rs of diamond dew,
And the dark flowing stream laugh'd back to his beam,
And the lark soared aloft in the blue;
While no phantom of night but a form of delight
Ran with arms outspread to her darling boy,
And the girl I love best on my wild throbbing breast
Hid her thousand treasures with cry of joy.

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