Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A Short Line

The long line of visitors at the door of Afton Station has been a short line lately.  I don't think the current lack of travelers foreshadows a slow season to come. And, I don't think we've done anything personally to make people stay away in droves.  I blame all of these quiet days on the abominable weather.  Now, after a few more days of rain to come, we should be getting more into the warmer days which are far more inviting to Route 66 explorers.  At least, I have my fingers crossed.

Meanwhile, we had a grand total of 4 visitors today.  Two were guys from Bentonville, Arkansas (the home of WalMart) and, as would be expected, they were home office WalMart employees, as is just about every citizen of Bentonville.  They were on their way home from a field service call and decided to stop.  We also had a very enjoyable visit from a couple from Ft. Worth, Texas who had the misfortune to schedule a Grand Lake holiday week during a week when there wasn't a single day decent enough for water sports.  So, they went roaming and found themselves on Route 66 -- and what a fortunate find!   They didn't actually realize they were on the Mother Road until Ron M. and I gave them a handful of propaganda... er, literature... and sent them off to Clanton's in Vinita for lunch.  We also directed them to the 9 ft. Highway, which is always a good place to start.   They are collectors of Grahams (the car, not the cracker), and Bill, the husband, was very enthusiastic about our collection of Packards.  All the while, Polly (the wife) and I had a lengthy discussion of our interest in cooking.   It was a fun visit.

There isn't much more to say about today, except we've been invited to have a booth at the upcoming -- April 5th and 6th -- Retro Signs Antique Advertising Show and Sale at Buffalo Run Casino.  This is an exciting opportunity and we are doing our best to get the booth manned (or womaned) on those days, since we're all busy that weekend.  We WILL make it happen,  however, so if you plan to attend the show, look for us!

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