Saturday, March 16, 2013

Burlesque Blogue

Much occurring today at Afton Station... full of fun and variety.   First of all, I believe I told you last week about photographer Michael Scruggs using some of the vintage cars as "props" for a series of photos of burlesque girls.  He brought them to show us this afternoon, and here are two of them.  I'll share more another time.  This post is going to be photo-rich anyway.

Next, lets talk about the T-bird that was left here a few months ago with the expectation that folks would see it and buy chances for when it's auctioned off  in September.  We haven't had much luck selling tickets, since we were closed for much of the winter, so today we decided to put it outside to attract attention.  We only sold one ticket, but we'll try again tomorrow.
Next, a hearty "welcome back" to Tommy Bassett, friend and former owner of Bassett's Grocery across the street. He's finally out of the hospital after being confined there for 5 weeks with serious burns.  Great to see you back, Tommy!
And finally. . . what we're actually here for -- the visitors!   We had plenty today!   There were 10, plus the 18 members of the Southern Missouri 'Stang Gang, who came in a convoy of good looking Mustangs, both old and new.  Here are  some of the folks. . .
. . . and  here are a few of their cars, parked both in front of the Station and across the street.  We enjoy the visits from these folks and they must enjoy us too, since they come back each year.  This year, they participated in the Joplin (MO) St. Patrick's Day parade this morning before cruising to Afton.
 The other visitors came from Tyler TX, and Tulsa, Vinita, and Afton, OK.  The couple from Afton, David and Lisa, are our new Afton neighbors.  They recently moved into the original house that is on the old Acme Motel site.  The motel, except for one cabin, is gone now, but David and Lisa said they are already working on restoring the remaining cabin.  We were so pleased to hear that news!  The gentleman from Tulsa is beginning the second leg of a two year Route 66 trip, this time from his home to Chicago, having done the Tulsa to Los Angeles leg last year.   The father and two sons from Tyler TX were in town for their great grandmother's birthday and decided to check out a little of Route 66 while they're here.

It was a wonderful day, filled with the variety that we all appreciate!


Trevor Hilton said...

Cool pictures! I like to play with pictures, too. Recently my deaf friend, Robin, came to visit. She put on my cowboy hat, duster, and held one of me revolvers, and I made the photos look like she was an "Old West" gunslinger.

Beth said...

I love the burlesque photos so far, and look forward to seeing more!

I just never have time to mess around with my own photos anymore. You've inspired me to try a couple of my 66 photos in B&W, though. Those might turn out pretty cool!

Laurel said...

When Michael said I could post some of his burlesque photos on my blog, I chose those that were less risque (i.e. less flesh showing), but now I'm sorry I did. When I see him again, I'll get some of the more revealing ones. So, keep an eye out!