Thursday, September 20, 2012

Ron M. is back!!!!!!

So many good  things happened today that I'm virtually bubbling over with happiness.   First, I'm overjoyed to announce that Ron M. came with me today and was able to stay all day.  He had such a long and serious illness that we didn't know when he'd finally have the energy to spend the whole day at Afton Station.  He did very well, and even helped out a lot.  It was a busy and kind of crazy day, too, not one for just sitting around.  I do believe he's back to being very nearly as good as new!

Second, I had a surprise visit from my friend Bruce Smith from Tulsa.  Although we live in the same city, it's been almost two years since we've seen each other.  It was so great to see him come through the door with his friend Joey.   Joey used to work on the electronic systems on RVs, and while they were there, coincidentally, David arrived and told them of a friend of his who was having electrical problems with his motor home.    They called him and in moments he arrived with said motor home.   Joey was able to solve the problem while I got almost a full hour (not uninterrupted, however) to catch up with Bruce's life.

Betty came to visit and brought her new puppy, Bella.  Bella is still adorable, despite the fact that she chews on everything within reach, including Betty!  It's just normal puppy behavior, and after a little while she calmed down.
This wonderful young lady named Randi came in and introduced herself rather soon after we opened.  She is a resident of Afton who has taken it upon herself to organize "Afton Days" next summer.   Afton Days is a celebration that used to occur in Afton back when the town was a far busier and more heavily populated place, and now some residents have come together on Facebook to discuss the possibility of restoring the event.   Randi is a brand new stay-at-home mom who is looking for things to do, so she volunteered for the organizational task.   She's visiting everyone in Afton asking for help, and she specifically asked me to help organize a car show on that weekend.   I'd be happy to!  You know how much we've wanted to do something that would involve the whole town, so this is perfect.  When the date is announced, I'll start looking around for local car clubs who might want to participate. 

While all of this was going on, we also had 21 visitors.  They came from Colorado Springs CO, Kansas City MO, Kerrville TX, Vancouver WA, Gloucester England, Mercer MO, and Vinita and Tulsa OK.   The couple from Vancouver, Washington arrived in this very pretty '51 Mercury, which they have already driven all the way across the country and are now on their way back to Washington State.  They were pleased to report that they've had absolutely no problems with the car along the way!  
 Whew!   I need a breather!  It was quite a day.   I must announce, however, that we won't be open tomorrow.   So if anyone planned to visit, I apologize profusely.  There have been some mix-ups in schedule, and there simply isn't anyone who can open.


Ken Riches said...

Great news about Ron, give him our best.

Susan Yates said...


Trevor Hilton said...

Thank God he's better!

Ron McCoy said...

Thank y'all for the kind words of support. It's been quite a journey of recovery since July! I love being able to now spend some time back at Afton.

Mike said...

Welcome back, Ron.

Jen said...

Welcome back, Ron! It must feel so good for EVERYONE to have Ron back about! :)