Sunday, September 30, 2012

Can't you tell. . .

. . . just by looking at these gentlemen that they're congenial?  They are. They're from New Zealand, so of course they're happy, fun-loving guys!    Once again, I'm showing my extreme prejudice toward Kiwis.   I really like every one I've met.  They're doing the whole Route, and I had a nice conversation with the fellow on the right about the Americas Cup yacht races.   We used to belong to the NY Yacht Club, the sponsor of the international race, but after moving to Oklahoma I admit to having stopped keeping up with the yacht racing sport.  The Cup moved to New Zealand some years ago, and he was able to get me up to speed on the latest news.

Although I have no other photos for the day, I did have a good number of visitors.  They came from Toronto Canada, Cambridge MN, Independence KS, Zurich Switzerland, Mountain View MO, Alva OK, Golden Valley MN, Cosenza Italy, and Grove, OK.  

I had a long conversation with Sandy Reynolds, the owner of the soon-to-open Barbecue and Beer place down the road.  I think she and her husband really have their act together, and if things go as planned, I do believe they have a recipe for success.  I'm so hopeful that this is true.  Our hope is that some of the big tour groups will find it a good place to stop for lunch.  There will be a pool table, a huge flat screen TV, and good food and drink in an extremely casual atmosphere.

Robin starts back to work tomorrow, so we'll be open.  I'll be back on Tuesday.

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